Top 10 Videos of 2023

We've taken all our best videos from 2023 and put them all in one place! These are some extraordinary talents displayed by ordinary people just like you.

#10: Wheel of Skill

This woman performs impressive tricks on a German wheel.

#9: Balanced Contortion

Contortionist holds a water bucket in a quite complex position to demonstrate insane flexibility. 


#8: Water Diving

Jumping off a high cliff, this guy masterfully dives into the water...and we give it a 10/10!

#7: Upside-Down Slacklining

This man goes upside-down, balancing himself on a slackline that's over his head.

#6: Flip Ride

This construction site is the perfect spot to practice a flawless backflip and wheelie.

#5: Incredible Flips

Now that's some next level box jumping!

#4: Bullseye

This performer does a handstand then uses her legs to make a trickshot with a bow and arrow.

#3: Paragliding Over Paradise

Enjoy surreal views with this motor paraglider over scenic Bojinj Lake in Slovenia.

#2: Turn Up the Beat

Showing off breakdancing skills at an International Dance Festival! 

#1: Ski-Ball

This skier juggles a football while performing skiing tricks, making it our top video pick in 2023!

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